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Frequently Asked Questions

We are ready to get Conscious Fuel vending machines installed at our location. How much will it cost?

Great question! Conscious Fuel provides vending machines at no cost to you. Tell us about your location.

What type of vending machines does Conscious Fuel offer?

Whoa! This is a big question. Vending machine sizes and types all depend on the foot traffic of your specific location. Single snack, combo drink and snack machines and a plethora of other styles and sizes of vending machines are available through Conscious Fuel. Once your location has been surveyed, Conscious Fuel will suggest the best fit for your vending needs.

What snack brands does Conscious Fuel provide?

Another great question! Conscious Fuel curates healthy snack brands that are in alignment with your location. We also focus on providing snacks that match the WELL Nourishment Concept. Our conscious focus however is on: 

No Trans Fats
Whole grains
Gluten-free options
Vegan options
Grass-fed options
Sustainable packaging (whenever possible)

What Office Coffee Solutions(OCS)/Equipment does Conscious Fuel provide?

Again, what a great question!Conscious Fuel offers a diverse amount of OCS and is dedicated to helping our customers eliminate as much product waste as possible while providing the best quality products to our customers. Our office coffee offerings are curated to fit most budgets or office sizes.

Does Conscious Fuel offer bean to cup coffee equipment?

Why yes, yes we do! Conscious Fuel is thrilled to offer bean to cup options. We also like to keep our customers in the know. So, please know that with bean to cup equipment, comes a responsibility of maintenance both monthly and daily. We are happy to maintain equipment on a monthly basis in partnership with our costumers on a daily basis.

What type of coffee beans does Conscious Fuel offer?

Are you a “Cup of Joe” or “coffee snob”?…Conscious Fuel offers a variety of flash-frozen coffee packs to third wave coffee options. Your taste buds will determine the best options for your location.

We have an extremely large office or campus that needs quality vending solutions. Can Conscious Fuel meet our demands?

Conscious Fuel prides itself on being a small local business with a big heart and reach, providing personable vending experiences that we find missing in our industry.

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