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Mindful food for people on the go

Conscious Fuel is a healthy vending solution committed to providing quick food options that nourish the mind, body and spirit.

Born out of a dedication to health and wellness, Conscious Fuel has a distinctly different mission than your average vending company that typically promote high-calorie, sugary snacks – the opposite of true nourishment. Conscious Fuel sells coffee solutions, subscription boxes and vending machines with a healthy approach including non-GMO, gluten-free and organic options. In addition to health, Conscious Fuel believes in sustainable packaging and personalized customer service.

Micro Markets

Contemporary designs and the latest self–checkout technology will be impressive additions to your business. Create enhanced work/life balance with convenient food, healthy snacks and drinks where employees spend a large portion of their day.


Conscious fuel offers healthy snack options at your fingertips. With cash, credit card or contactless payments, our vending machines make it convenient for smart and fast eating on the go. 

Coffee & Tea

Energize employees with tasty coffee solutions. Partner with Conscious Fuel to create attractive office coffee vending solutions for your office and break rooms. Incentivize your employees with healthy snacks and the right coffee vending machines and equipment to keep your team engaged and productive.

1. Evaluation

Our experts will guide you in optimizing your space for the best layout and installation of your vending machines or micro-markets.

2. Design

We will assist you in bringing your project to life, creating micro-markets, vending solutions and breakout rooms to flow with your new or existing design esthetics.

3. Installation

Whether its traditional vending machines, micro-markets or office coffee solutions, we deliver on professional and seamless installations.

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